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New Collection of Adalo Components

PayPal Payment

Integrate PayPal as a payment gateway inside your app

💸 $ 85.15

Phone Number Input Masked

For your phone number masking needs based on your user's location

💸$ 8.50

Google Places Geolocation

Lets you search a location per country or worldwide using Google Places and Geolocation API

💸 $ 29.75

Markdown Renderer

Toggle a container with text

💸 $ 21.25

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Instagram-like stories for list of images

💸 $ 29.50

CL Booking

Booking Calendar

Book based from available day. (Does not book by time)

💸$ 29.50


List Randomizer

Randomize a list with a click button

💸$ 24.50

Price Badge

Price Badge

Make your users purchase more with our pricing badge

💸 $ 4.25

Beautiful Line Graph

Beautiful Line Graph

Perfect for generating reports in a form of line graphs

💸 $ 9.25

Paymongo Payment

PayMongo Payment

Enable GCash and credit card as a payment gateway in your app. (PH Only)

💸 $ 84.15

Enable/Disable Button

Enable/Disable Button

Enables and disables state based on the conditions set in the collection

💸 $ 4.25

Calendar Image

Calendar Image

Allows users to upload an image on the calendar
Perfect for logging data apps

💸 $ 16.15

Numbered Check List

Numbered Check List

Perfect for showing to-do lists in your app

💸 $ 16.15

Draggable Date Range

Draggable Date Range

Lets you pick the first date and end date
Perfect for booking projects

💸 $ 16.15

Notification Badge

Notification Badge

Perfect for making app notification badges

💸 $ 4.25

Pagination List

Pagination List

Perfect for longer lists and optimizing load time too!

💸 $ 21.25


Copy to Clipboard

Lets you copy a text snippet on click

💸 $ 17.00

CL Piechart


Generate a pie graph for your collection

💸 $ 8.50

Read More


Show long texts with readmore

💸 $ 12.75


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